Anglia Solution offers specialized and professional language services in language training, text translation, interpreting and language coaching.

We started out as English language trainers and now have more than 20 years of experience behind us. As we have developed, we have incorporated new services such as text translation, interpreting for companies and at organized events, as well as language coaching which involves the acquisition of communication skills in a foreign language.

The team at Anglia Solution is made up of trainers, translators and interpreters with far-reaching experience and expertise in specific fields such as technology, engineering and health, thus enhancing the quality of our translation, training, interpreting and language coaching services.

We have worked for individuals, groups and companies in different fields, as well as for the public sector. Our philosophy has always been that we form part of the project in which we are involved, as a partner who, although external to the organization, works from within to give a tailor-made service demonstrating our commitment to our clients.


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