Interpreting at conferences, conventions and events of any kind facilitates interaction and understanding between the sender and the receiver of a communication exchange. Anglia Solution has professionals specialized in consecutive, liaison and simultaneous interpreting.

We offer our services at conventions, press conferences, court hearings, meetings, overseas technical inspections or any event and we are available to travel to all regions of Spain and other countries.

Consult us about the technical requirements for interpreting; we can provide you with the technical equipment you need. Ask us for a free no-obligation quotation.

  • Consecutive interpreting: This is advisable when the conversation, function or event involves 3 or more people. The interpreter, located close to the speaker, takes notes of the contents of a speech which lasts a few minutes. The interpreter then reproduces the speech with complete accuracy. This technique is ideal for meetings when data is presented and when accurate communication is essential as well as for interviews, technical visits, diplomatic negotiations, business meetings, official functions and formal meals.
  • Liaison interpreting: Although this is similar to consecutive interpreting, the interpreter is not required to take notes since a high level of precision is not the focus. The aim of liaison interpreting is to convey the essence of a conversation between two or more people. The use of special PA equipment is not required and this method is the most appropriate for small groups.
  • Simultaneous interpreting: The interpreter translates simultaneously what the speaker says. This interpreting is the most appropriate at conventions, meetings, conferences or seminars that require seamless and immediate communication. In simultaneous interpreting, the message reaches the participant instantly. If the session is longer than 2 hours, two interpreters shall be required to ensure quality performance. Furthermore, simultaneous translations are prepared beforehand if specific documentation must be presented.

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